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Default Re: Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Zero-Point Energy


you are brilliant dude!! lol

stiros to!

too much math in all of this for me to get involved... lol

Ive always been extremely interested in quantum physics, astrophysics, chemistry, and many other things that involve tough math...

but ive always been terrible at math!! lol

im not yet aware of any programs one can use to become extremely good at math in a sufficient amount of time! haha

Really im just posting to bump this thread for others to see... but figured it worthy of more than just a thumbs up. lol

also... J rod..... where you at! lol

I am feeling that this sweet work in progress needs to progress my bro!! haha :P

Good stuff man, ( and i cant believe you were actually typing out those calculations into a calculator!! ... i said to myself when i read that comment... (" ohh myy.. he is NOT doing these calculations IS he!!") lmaoo.

you kinda guys are too smart for yer own britches, mang. lol thanks
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