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Default Re: Experience with light entities

Originally Posted by OpenEyes View Post
Who are these light beings? Where or when do they come from? Can they be trusted? Could they be what some people think of as guides or angels? Does anyone have any insights?
Well, in my dreams, I have spirit guides, they aren't the same, they are more human, the 3 beings are what seem like pure energy, I didn't recognize any facial features, couldn't tell if they were men or women. When they spoke, their mouths opened, breaking the light, almost a shadow.

A few years back, I was using my gifts to help in missing children cases, one case hit me real hard, I have a huge heart and the pain of what I was seeing in these dreams was too much, I layed down in bed closing my eyes, my thoughts were I couldn't take it any longer, I had to quit... I felt a soft touch on my shoulder, I opened my eyes, and had an angel with wings bent over me, she smiled and pointed across the room. I glanced over and the room was filled with little angels, many of whom I had helped in solving their cases.

one smiled and said "don't worry, we're here to help you.

my eyes welled up with tears, it was almost too much for me to handle, the tears weren't from sadness, I was happy that what I was doing was making a difference. Suddenly the pain I was feeling was gone, my mind once again had clarity, I walked back out and continued working on the case.

so to answer your question, these three beings weren't angels or spirit guides, but I can't tell you what else they would be.

Of all the answers I've gotten from my spirit guides, that is one they go silent when I ask.

Could it be the Trinity? The Father, Son and Holy Spirit?

I really wish I knew...
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