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Default Re: Experience with light entities

When many of my gifts started lighting up, over 15 years ago now, my curiosity led me to explore even more.

here in San Diego, we have many "centers" for learning, and one of my friends brought me an article about a meeting of channeling. I thought it sounded cool, so that night, we went. It was located in a church, a large sound system was set up surrounding a stage, we sat in the back, just wanting to observe.

The person running the meeting walked out on stage, started the music and told us all to close our eyes and let the music carry us to wherever we were meant to be. I saw a handle like the loops used in a circus for the girls that spin on the ribbons. Without thinking I put my hand through, at that moment I felt like I was going through a "Star Trek" Warp spinning upward until I came to a stop, in front of me was the three beings that had saved me at the well.

I started to speak with them, and suddenly woke to my friend that was shaking my shoulder.

The head of the meeting was asking who connected, for 20 years he had always been the most powerful in the room, today was different, he wanted to know who it was. My friend looked at me knowingly and smiled, and we slipped out the back door...
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