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Default Help Send Light to Encourage a Positive Future Time Line

Hi all,

After we came back from holiday a few years ago my twin brother had an OOBE and visited me after falling asleep, he described floating to the ceiling and then moving through the walls of the house to visit me. He seems to be able to do it at will. It really confirms there is more to us than meets the eye.

Anyway I have been following the Benjamin Fulford and George Green audio interviews regarding the potentional financial collapse.

I was inspired by George's video interview to create a page to allow people to spend just 5 minutes of their time sending light to the world, focused for different days. It's more urgent than ever that Light Workers start waking up, everybody has a spiritual job to do. The more people who awaken and send light will help things emmensly. I believe we have choice on which outcome we experience in regards to the future but humanity needs to do their bit.

The page can also be used as a counter to see how many people are awake and working.

Ian, Essex
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