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Default Re: Experience with light entities

when my grandfather died about 7 years ago i stared having vivid dreams about him. then one night i dreamed about him talking to me and taking me through a field and showed me things tha related to my life, my family and events of the future that later happened. after that dream i woke up in the middle of the night and i couldn't move anything but my eyeballs. i heard a really loud "bee" sound in my ears and i saw this green light being standing at the foot of my bed and started walking towards me. i inmediatley thought he was my grandfather and i got really scared so i closed my eyes and prayed reaaly hard for it to be over and it did. i couldn't sleep for several nights. i had a similar experience later that same month but it was weirder. i had a vivid dream and woke up in the middle of the night and i could feel 3 beings standing around my bead saying something like a prayer. i could distinguish the voices of an old man, a young man and a woman. then i looked left and i saw over my desk a pile of books and a golden chaliss glooming in a very strong light. once again a prayed for it to be over and it was. i'm not sure this were positive experiences. once again sorry if my english isn't perfect.
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