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I woke one saturday morning years ago and as i lay there i could hear a humming tone in the middle of my head. I opened my eyes and found i could not move a muscle. I tried shouting for help but found it only sounded in my head. My body felt like a bug lump attached to me that was my head. I spent a few minutes like this and got so scared that i closed my eyes and prayed to god to help me. I then felt like i lifted upwards and back down and opened my eyes again. I could move! Thank god.

When i was a child i recall awaking on my side and also facing the other way too - weird. The best way to describe this was like being in two places at once.

I think that all this kind of thing as gone on since the dawn of man but it is only in the last 100 years that we have been able to share our experiences. I think this whole thing points to a change that will benefit humanity. I forsee a coming time when all bad that is here will lose its grip and allow us to grow in a new era.
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