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Default Re: Radiant zones and communities building..where are we up to ?

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
More than one year has passed now since project Avalon was launched.
Connect to each other and make it happen !

YouTube - Hopi message from Elders

Boundless love to you all
Thank you Mudra, for opening this subject. This subject is SOOOOO important for me, that I even didn't dare to open it. This was the reason, for which I joined to the forum, in the first place, being an older reader of Camelot and later, in spring 2008, discovered Avalon.

I want also to thank to Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan, for their marvelous and quite fantastic work, which opened the eyes, let's hope that for millions!

So, why it was so IMPORTANT? Because, in the fall of 2008, when the crisis started, I was so afraid of economic crash, but in a sense that even EUROS wouldn't worth anything not only US $, I mean I was afraid of a TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) scenario, that instinctively I bought a high altitude piece of land, with the intent of making myself a retreat and if crash come, not catch me with much worthless money.

So, in that 2008 I conducted a frantical search of this kind of retreat places, in ROMANIA, EU, until I find this one. When I found it I known it was ment to be. Why? I sit down on the hill's grass, with the frontview of the forest and the sun sparkling on the lake's surface and I had a peaceful feeling, a feel of oneness with the place. I felt that I belong to that place, something that I never felt in my life and I walk all around the world.

Why I considered a place good for retreat? Here it is why:

1. It is situated at 900 m above sea level, Western Romanian Carpathians, in Romania, EU
2. Deep in the forest, have somehow an access road, but is secluded from a direct access
3. Has in vicinity a village, of german ethnic background, very good with cow raising and dairy preparation
4. Has a small water spring on it, there is a large lake nearby (fishing, bathing, etc)
5. The forest provide wood and other related things.
6. Is 30 Km far, on mountain road from the nearby town (considered be the "civilization") and 90 Km from a city
7. Is more than 800 Km from Vesuvius volcano and 1000 from Thera, Santorini Volcano, in case of ashes and poison gases
8. Is far away from quake hazard of Vrancea, cca 400km and is not in the way of the crack line of propagation ( even though there is a friction between continental plates in Meridional Carpathians at 300 KM, close to city of Brasov)
8. Is isolated somehow from the air currents, so the nuclear fall in a worst scenario case will be minimum
9. The land has been divided in lots, so there are urbanism approval ready for building on it, for entire hill, where the landlord (german ethnic, very correct and easy to understand with) still has some lots not sold (I checked with him in spring 2009)
10. Has been cheap, around 13 EUROS/SqM, totally 11500 EUROS for my lot 850 Sq meters land with road access rights (take in consideration is not farm land, is for house
11. The place is secluded, is not easy spotted from main road, access just with 4x4 terrain vehicle
12. In the area there are dense woods and also caves...
13. In the winter there is very big snow, also there are mountains higher than 1200 m in the areas

But as I read many survival topics, such as Rawles, Tappan, etc and has been genially depicted, in Mudra's video clip from Hopi Elders, THE ERA OF LONE WOLF IS ENDED. This meaning that in an SHTF scenario, a family, even an extended one, will not be able to face successfully the perils. We need to raise a community.

Also, when the SHTF starts, the retreat already should be there in place and all the provisions preapred. As we are heading in fast pace, towards Oct-2011, do not mention the danger of force vaccinations, I think that a community of same idea people could confront better, the challengings, rather than a few people.

I wrote you about, to hear your opinion, what do you think about this place is good as a radiant zone, for Eastern Europe, taking in consideration worst scenarios, where the perils are man made or non-human?

Also, up to now I didn't read anything about a zone for Romania, did you?

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