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Default Re: Radiant zones and communities building..where are we up to ?

It's exciting to see what is being planned! My partner and I are in N. Florida, but want to move to Ashville NC area, and would love a like minded community. For the time being we are storing up items to be useful no matter where we are. I am a trained blacksmith / horse shoer, have studied various building modalities, and really like the earth ships, tire and bottle methods, and straw type construction. Hydroponics, solar, and earth friendly energy resources are also an interest of mine.

I'm an excellent gardener, and have herb / healing knowledge with plants, though my main focus is energetics.

I would love to chat with others who are making plans. Even if we are in different communities, it would be nice to have gatherings with many in regions to share information and even possibly combine efforts to lower costs, maybe even swap some help if possible. I see us as a worldwide movement to create what we desire and be that change we want.

Great thread as usual Mudra!
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