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Default Re: Radiant zones and communities building..where are we up to ?

Im curious as to how funding is obtained to build the structures and what not for these communities? Is there a plot to further make money for basics (cloths personal care ect.) or is the goal to be completely sustainable?

In the case for our Rainbow community, there are different possible costs, one with full time labor where the person will be contributing full time (no day job) and a higher cost if they cannot (working during the week). This allows some flexibility and also for other people to get credit for working. The community is a spiritual self-sustaining one with a goal to be self-sufficient for food/ energy. There are projects that will be developed for a community economy to make use of member skills... there is no getting around that a lot of work is required as usual to start anything from scratch, but it is also an exciting challenge and extremely relevant for our times.
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