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Default Re: Radiant zones and communities building..where are we up to ?

This is great news

i feel this is the perfect time now for those of us

who are feeling that longing to come into social

communities with those of like minds ...

to live in caring sharing communities to get the balance

back into our lifes ... and live ammongst those who we feel

we can live and work with as a real team ... who have learnt

the real value thru there own investigations expireince ..

that we must return to the true values

get back to sanity ...and love the love here and now...

give somthing back to the earth

and honner all that has already been given

i am preparing now to join its only a ? of the offer

arriving as iknow it surley will . ... where and when

i shall see ...and it will be right ....

walk lightley... talk straight ... be true ..who you are ...

its time my friends

in loving service to the one .
rhythmmm...( watchin this space )
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