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Post Re: Montreal meeting for the may 9 global meditation event.

Thank you so much for your warm welcome, Sunflower!

I too hope to meet you in the near future, Northern Sanctuary.

To tell you a little bit about me... I am passionately dedicated to Higher Consciousness and the noble quest of Truth, Self-responsibility and mastership. Knowing the urgency of the task at hand for the ground crew, I am prepared to do all I can to contribute to the awakening of humanity and preparing for the future.

I have been researching different sites in the Laurentians and the Eastern townships with the intention of securing a safe place. I am presently in the process of collecting geotechnical information in order to assess which sites are best suited to withstand the perils of the times ahead. Considerations such as seismic activity, high altitude above sea level, soil and water analysis, etc.

Look forward to learning more about all of you and hoping to connect with those who are frequency specific with me.

Peace, Love, Light, Unity and Harmony!
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