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Default Re: Montreal meeting for the may 9 global meditation event.

Alchemikey has inserted the correct GMT time on the Events Calendar. (

Individuals elsewhere will no doubt benefit from the concerns you raised re the proper time.

My husband and I visited the Oratory yesterday. Since we are involved with a group meditation my perceptions of the site have changed somewhat. The Oratory is designed for solitary prayer, individual supplication etc as well as Mass and other group celebrations in the Crypt Church and Basilica. The gardens do not really offer a quiet nook for a group meditation. Everything is wide open and designed for an easy flow of foot traffic.

Having said that, perhaps those of you who arrive at least 45 minutes or so before we begin may have suggestions re the few options available so that we can choose the most suitable spot.

The Gift Shop and Restaurant area has a wide covered porch area with lots of seating available. Good place to meet.
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