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Default Re: Montreal meeting for the may 9 global meditation event.

Sent: Wednesday, May 6, 2009 7:46:52 AM
Subject: RE: Nexus Meditation

Hi! Diane,
thank you for a quick respond. I will be joining the meditation with a few others and will be happy to meet you all. I dont think 11 am is the right hour, if you go to this site:
it would be 3pm to 4pm...we are on saving time and if I did undertand it right...we have to had another hour ( because saving time does not apply in all the country so if we want to join on the same time we have to stay at standart time ) so it is -5, this is how I do understand: meditation is 8pm GMT ... 8-5= 3 o'clock pm. It is important that we do have the same hour.
Please Diane could you check this with me?
thank you
Josée (Yokoyoko)

Hi Josee, I will post your e-mail on the Montreal Avalon thread and ask for help. Please check the thread below for additional comments and I will send you another e-mail.

Astralwalker thread:
> The maximal effect of synchronized meditation and a time-frame most suitable for everyone in the world (day light) is >>
> 8 AM west coast US.
> 11 AM east coast US,
> 3 PM GMT,
> 4 PM France
> 3 PM London
> 1 AM Australia

I took the above information from the Astralwalker thread on Project Avalon. He seems to have simplified things to make it easier for everyone>

I believe part of the confusion arose from the two meditations listed on the events calendar for Saturday, May 9th. (
One meditation is the Nexus Meditation (the regular Saturday at home one) which will be carried out by those staying home at 8pm GMT.
The other one is the Sacred Sites meditation for which no time is given. Elsewhere on the site the 3PM GMT time is given. The 3pm GMT time is also given on Astralwalker’s thread on Project Avalon.

I am asking all of you posting to this thread to please check and see if I am correct or not by interpreting our official meditation time in Montreal, Canada as being at 11:00 am.
I do want to be sure about this and not muck up everything for everybody.

Thanks everyone and looking forward to meeting all of you.
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