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Default Re: Montreal meeting for the may 9 global meditation event.

Hello again, I will also post a picture on my profile page.

First of all, I checked the weather: 40 % chance of rain on Saturday (1 mm.)
Of course, this could easily change.

I also called the Oratory to find out if someone there had any suggestions for a quiet place. Not much more than what we had already discussed. The basilica if indoors or else the gardens. I will visit with my husband either Thursday or Friday since I don't remember them very well.

The Gardens at the Summit of Montréal

Saint Joseph's Oratory offers one of the most beautiful vistas in all Montréal.
It offers a natural setting for relaxation or meditation, when you visit its superb gardens.
The Oratory site encompasses four (4) wooded areas preserved in their natural state;
over 900 trees; 30 kinds of bushes; and 20,000 annual plantings of 60 varieties of flowers.
The Gardens of the Way of the Cross, the Promenade, and two parks form an ensemble
of natural beauty worthy of the city and the province.

Nature lovers will discover interesting information about the plants. In this page just right for a bit of reflection,
you will be able to savor the artistic and spiritual richness of the sculptures of the Way of the Cross.
Activities are occasionally held in this setting. Don't hesitate to let us know the needs of your
group or your family so that we may prepare a visit tailored to your needs.

The gardens are open open from May through October from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

I have another suggestion to make which you can veto if you wish. We could meet inside the pilgrim rest area building either in the restaurant or in the hall outside. From there it is short long walk to either site.

The carillon music is scheduled to begin at 12:00 noon so that will signal the end of our meditation.

I think a coffee and chat afterwards is a great idea. And also a good opportunity to hear about your radiant zone.

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