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Default Re: Montreal meeting for the may 9 global meditation event.

Sunflower, where on Mont Royal? Is it Beaver Lake?

As far as identification, what about a name TAG, something like:

Avalon: Your Id.

Make it big enough for people to see.

Hi Northern Sanctuary, CosmicJobFocus and I have agreed to meet on the steps of the Basilica. If it rains we can always use the Basilica (top) for an indoor meditation. If not, we can find a quiet place outside. My husband and I will try to visit early this week so we can familiarize ourselves with the surrounding area and make sure we are all meeting at the same spot.

If it rains, we meet 15 minutes before the indoor meditation and if the weather is fine 30 minutes ahead so we can get to the outdoor site for the right time.

Your idea of a tag is a good one. I will wear or carry one.

We can find tune our info as need be. Looking forward to meeting all of you.
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