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Default Re: Steven Greer's statement about UFOs not flying.

Hi trainedobserver,

Dr. Steven Greer over the years has changed his tack in the Ufology field. Remember his famous press briefing where inumerous people were saying that they knew Alien life existed and that NASA was air brushing stuff from their photos and the like?

Since that era Greer has changed his tack (as have others like John Leer) and now beleives that ET can only be seen in a spiritual state, which in theory throws all of his old work under the bus, so's to speak.

It could well be that he meant to say, 'Alien craft' are not unidentified and do not fly. The very nature of a UFO is the fact that it is UNIDENTIFIED. If he said "UFO" it could be a poor choice of words on his side.

However, just by making that statement he is excluding all video footage of 'UFOs' suggesting that they are wrong, which in my mind, is a very bold thing to do.

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Originally Posted by trainedobserver View Post
In the movie "Fastwalkers" Steven Greer makes the statement that UFOs are neither unidentified or flying.

I understand (although I may not fully agree) why he is saying they are "identified" however I cannot for the life of me figure out what he means by "not flying".

Anything that travels through the air (and by extension 'space') is "flying" in the dictionary and common usage of the term. While there are different modes of flight, like powered, non-powered, and ballistic any object traveling through space is "in flight" regardless of the means of propulsion.

Anyone have any additional information that might shed some light on what Greer actually meant by the statement that UFOs do not "fly"?
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