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Default Re: Jonathan Gray, a man's work worth to know about

Originally Posted by ayadew View Post
This was interesting, egyptian books in the amazon...?
The stuff about pyramid blocks being too heavy to lift, even today, I knew already, but it was nicely presented too
In fact, another investigator -J J BenÝtez- made a documental about that there a unique spacial way to build structures who is with huge stones with odd shapes making them fit perfectly who are in Very different parts of the world, the same technology and that's parts are

Egypt (with temples and pyramids)

Per˙ (the inca civilization, by the way, Grey mentions that the inca civilization are a are just a part of a larger civilization who extend into the amazon to))

Easter island (beside the Moais who are made of a stone so weak that if you put a rope around them you ruin the moai; the structures of the temples there)*

Temples in ancient middle east but don't remember where exactly.

So there are archeological evidence of an ancient world wide civilization.

In fact various ancient world wide civilizations, like the chinesse who travel across the world to.

PS: a little on Eastern Island:

The elders of the eastern island say that they, with his unique technologies beside the before mentioned, comes from a realm who where in an great island in the pacific who Sunk suddenly.

The King of that island realize that the island where sinking (1 meter a year... yes, he seems to be a genious, ha ha) and he send scouts to everywhere and found the eastern island. So they went to it.

They build a lot of Moais, all but just one group are looking to the inside of the island.

The elders says that the group who is looking to the outside point the way to where was his mother land before the sunk.

Then comes savages and then more savages, the occidentals europeans.

Look the series "planeta encantado" if you understand spanish (from the Great J J BenÝtez, maybe translated)

Cheers, really interesting.

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