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Smile Jonathan Gray, a man's work worth to know about

If some researcher of the ancient mysteries is worth to watch is the archeologyst Jonathan Grey.

He has discovered a Lot of Really interesting mysteries cientificaly like:

*Ancient advanced technology & ancient maps
*Lost cities
*Pre-civilization historical incoherencies like the nuclear bomb glass in India from thousands oy years
*Evidences of a different shape of the earth in not so ancient times and a grat cataclism
*A compilation of the cientific evidence about Jehosha'haMechaich (take that teosophists)
*Who are really the aliens?
*What really happened with the dinosaurs?
*Astrology exposed
*And a lot more!

The thing is he research these interesting topics cientifically!

A review:

"Mr. Grey has travelled the world to gather data on ancient mysteries. A serious student of the paranormal and pre-history, he has investigated numerous archaeological sites, and has also penetrated some largely unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon headwaters. The author has also led expeditions to the bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and desert regions of the world. He lectures internationally. Between lecturing worldwide, the author has hosted newspaper columns and contributed to various magazines." In addition, Jonathan Gray has been the esteemed guest on many radio programs such as Coast to Coast, Dr. Bill Deagle's Clay and Iron Ministries and Rense.

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