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Default Re: Pay to post goes against the main philosopy

Wow this is a tough situation for Bill and Kerry.. They do such great work and put a lot of work into the production of each interview then run two web sites on top of it all.

Yes they get to travel the world and meet some of the great minds of our time. Yes that cost a lot of money to do and I am amazed that they think they can do it for only $60,000 a year (I think that was the figure). And if Lindsey Williams is right none of us will be traveling far in 6-9 months... and he has been right the last 2 years I have been listening to what he says.

How much did we each spend on the computer that allows us to see this information? Or how much each month for the net connection. Yes it is true many of us have very little left over and less in the very near future.

On the other hand had I been asked to pay to see PC interviews I would have missed them and now I check every day to see if a new one is up and I have watched them all some 3-4 times and I forward the links to everyone I know trying to get the word out.

These are difficult times and like Bob Dylan said .. "If any artist has anything to say they better say it now"

If you can't pay your house payment you could be homeless... and if Kerry and Bill can not continue to operate we will lose our true family.

In closing:

"Again and again in history some special people wake up. And they
have no ground in the crowd. They move to broader laws. They
carry strange customs with them and demand room for bold and
audacious actions. The future speaks ruthlessly through them.
They change the world!" Rainer Maria Rilke

Hope to see you in the future ...
what ever that future may bring,
Some people say it's the cards your dealt..
Others say it's the words you sing.

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