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Default Re: Project Bluebeam underway?

Originally Posted by whitecrow View Post
This is one of those questions I'd consider very soberly...I wouldn't let my imagination trip me up. I'm willing to bet Proj. BB is disinformation. They don't have that technology, and they don't have the money to develop it.

My standard disclaimer: If I'm wrong, it won't be the first time.
well, there is so much disinfo on the e.t. subject like you said, couldn’t be this a budget-form of project bb. all the distraction and false, or blurred info.
for instance, i felt that not all the cropcircles may be of a genuine source, later i heard freddi silva confirming this in an interview on conscious media network.

and then all the sudden attention on mainstream media, the channelings etc. just creating confusion on the subject.
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