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Default Re: Has anyone experienced weird malfunctions with cellphone, internet, etc.

Originally Posted by LotusEarth View Post
I left my cell phone at my house today and when I got back from work I had all a lot of missed calls. I received duplications of emails I already had in my inbox. Was wondering if anybody else has been experiencing glitches with their electronics?

lots of things happened lately but the past few years were also quite intriguing.
years ago i was high-speed dubbing a audio music cassette just to find in the fresh made copy an embedded radio transmission about a volcano eruption in the philippines (it didn`t belong there..and I`m half philippino)
at work i had many spontaneous phone connections with various individuals over many years..the phone would ring at the other one`s end and my side when we picked up the phone we went like "what do you want.? no ! what do YOU want. you called I didn`t i picked up your phone call!.."

often prior to the world economic forum in davos i can hear unusual clicking noises in the phone which i guess is someone else like "homeland security" listening.

i have had cell phone messages get delayed for a long time...but what i find most disturbing, is how e-mails come in twice. i found that it would be mails from silly friends containing explicit language or "dangerous words" (blow up, shoot, kill ...) i have replied to the second mails just to get a confused call from the guy saying: "what`s the matter with you.? i sent you that mail one week ago and now you give me the same ****** reply?!" didn`t you see the mailing date? don`t you clean up your mailbox?"

lately i was watching News-TV channel NTV just to see how the TV screen turned black when it got interesting about the collapse on wall street...(the TV was on, and all other channels were fine) a friend of mine living in another town was watching the same news channel at the same time..and all was fine with his reception.

ps: when I tried to post this, clicking on "new reply" at the bottom just gave me a "cannot find the website" error message. that`s why i chose to use the "quote" button of the first post.


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