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Default Re: Has anyone experienced weird malfunctions with cellphone, internet, etc.

Originally Posted by Soul Sequence View Post
It's been said, sorry I cant remember which PC interview, that we are entering a time now where we, as a human race, will seek more in things that are tangible or things that are more fact based, scientific, proven, etc... In other words, our eyes and ears and all our senses will be "awakened" and more intune to our surroundings and in what's actually going on. In a sense, we've taken the "red pill" and are escaping this "matrix".
On a side note, the only thing strange I've noticed is that my internet connection has become extremely slow at times and my connection "resets" constantly, usually every three hrs but mostly sporadic yet very frequent. This is of course very annoying but I can choose to be paranoid, but I'm not, if it is related to what's going on, I'm not going to let the little annoyance deter me from investigating and researching the truth.

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However, you have to admit it would be really cool if one had a high-tech reverse search device to go back through the lines and determine who has been sniffing around within our computers yes? Would be even cooler to have a special button to fry their systems once they were identified as hackers.
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