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Miniature black holes are much safer. Some old unaccepted theories even suggest that electrons could be charged miniature black holes.

Some even speculate that LHC can produce Strangelets.

If a strangelet were stable and negatively charged, it might begin eating the nuclei of ordinary matter, converting them into strange matter. Eventually the menacing chain reaction could assimilate our entire planet and everyone on it.

Even though I am smart, and I do know a lot of physics, I don't think I know enough to decide wheather CERN collisions should be stopped.

The hand doesn't need to tell the brain "we'll die if u jump in front of a moving car". The brain knows that, and also the brain knows how to travel on road daily without hitting everything on the way. See, how perfect you are.

Now CERN is not a small project, many brilliant minds from all over the world are involved in it. And from my perspective, I can trust them not to be so dumb to kill themselves, including us.

I see fractals in creation. What a cell is to the human body, I am to this human species. Organization in society sounds similar to organ in a human body. I would consider the group of scientists involved in CERN to be part of the brain for human species, which is involved in experimenting (rough analogy). If I do something wrong, different symptoms may appear in my body. I wonder if the cells in my body feel the same thing as me, when I am happy or in pain. Could people panicing be a sign that CERN is doing something wrong? Or is it similar to the uneasiness a kid feels on the first day of his new school?

Creation is amazing. Its wonderous to see it all happen.

Regardless, that was only my opinion.
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