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I wonder if the people at Half Past Human can do read outs or what ever it is they do to investigate the whole CERN project. Seems to line up with the dates that Benjamin Fulford is mentioning. The whole thing is just incredibly concerning. This reminds me of the Philadelphia Experiment I'll quote David Wilcock...

"So this is apparently what was done inadvertently with the Philadelphia Experiment. The Philadelphia Experiment started with tests that were done on very, very high intensity welding, arc welding of navel vessels, and they had these enormous pieces of steel that they are welding together. They blast it with electrical energy at a very high frequency and they started to notice the tools would disappear after this. They couldn't find them.

They finally filmed it and they found that when they blasted this arc welding thing, that there would be this big black hole that would appear in the room, and they discovered that, in fact, it was de-materializing objects and that they wouldn't come back.

So this is what led them to do increasing amounts of research, discovering that electrical energy is one way that you can pop this hole between space/time and time/space, and get through to this realm down here."
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