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Default Re: A "Whistle Blower" open letter to Bill and Kerry, and the forum.

wow man, took me a minute to get through all that. ive got 2 questions for ya if your up for it. my first is what you said about if we survive this "storm" we will all be youthful and be immortal? are you talking like ascension or us gaining the powers to shape ourselves or something?

my second question is kinda half question/half statement. in your research of the bible i was wondering if youve dug into all the different translations and edits done to the bible over the years. i watched a video about some old guy who was working through the translations and found some interesting little points, like several sections lose a lot of meaning in the translations.

thanks for your time, i know you just finished that huge post so you gotta be wringing your hands still hahahah
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