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Default Re: ISS - International Space Supercenter Shopping Mall

Originally Posted by johnlear View Post
Yep. Serious. When you die you will get a full, sometimes very painful review of every single second of your life; everything you did, said, thought, felt, everything. There will be no judgment other than your own. Then you are sent back to try it again...with integrity; and without envy, hate or greed.

No. Gold Butte is 50 miles east of Las Vegas. Takes about 3 hours to get there because you have to drive north to get around the Overton Arm then 50 miles of dirt road south. I spend 2 or 3 days every week there.

Thanks for your reply ~

'Sure don't want to do 'this life' ALL OVER AGAIN --- Do you ?!

I'm aware that i may have to though.... as, like most, i am not perfect-- I've had horrific thoughts... I can honestly say i do not "do" envy, hate, or greed

And.... "Creator" knows my heart and my thoughts.... and 'knows' that when there are 'bad' thoughts it is usually coming from a place of frustration or stress or regret--- and that is excusable "under the uncontrollable circumstances" at the time.....

Well, that's how i look at it anyway....

Peace Always,

Teresa ; )

ps ~ Are you familiar with Esmeralda County.... Fish Lake Valley... or the White Mountains.... ?
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