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Default Re: Bill Ryan why of why?

Originally Posted by Seashore View Post
Dr A True Ott, host of "The Story Behind the Story" on RBN, is a naturopath and PhD and dedicated, thorough researcher. He is a fine person.

Bill Ryan should have called Dr Ott regarding Jane Burgermeister.
Seashore! I was expecting you like a virus to reply to my post! Of your 3.561 posts I really I wonder how many have been for the defence of Deagle and OTT??? 2.561 Perhaps? You are either one of these liars and frauds or a shil for them, and if you are anything else you must be one of the most gullible persons on the planet.

I'm amazed that you have been allowed to post such drivel here for so long!
As factual honest posts get bumped and moded.

Oh and for the record I was right up to date with this whole affair and I listened to their BS about Jane before and right after at the time. They were out of order and that other weasel with another silly name was just as bad. They said "I predicted the swine flu first" Not Jane she's stealing our glory etc etc! Like little kids.

You don't know what the hell you are talking about regarding these two weasels. YOU don't know these weasels for a start and and your assessment of Jane Burgermeister is BS. I would take my chances with her before either of these two lying frauds, and there credentials are fake, fake, fake!

Oh and what's your answer? Its the message you say! LOL That's hilarious would you say the same if one of these wise guys had killed your child or a loved one? Well they only killed the child but their message is fine!

Have you got that? I'm not an internet only researcher I'm hands on and I have checked these frauds out as have a team of investigators who just loath these phony's. That's why they will never ever, despite my many requests debate me or prove to me their credentials! Because they know I know they are frauds and can prove it!

How do you know Ott is a fine person? Have you met him have YOU checked out his phony qualifications? Are you related perhaps? Well I have and so have some real people with integrity for the truth.

They are repeaters and Ott is a lying low life feathering his nest, and if I see him he will run a mile because I will challenge him there and then, he's the lowest of the low.

Stop defending the indefensible. When you have been and checked out from the appropriate authorities and have the knowledge to see through his fraud then come back and tell me he's a nice man selling his so called health products, until then shut up and stop posting in their defence and especially on MY posts! Besides if he's a naturpath should he not be practising that instead of selling commercial health foods and not running a radio show to promote his wares? Naturepath my ****!

Oh here's a challenge for you you go ask both of your gurus where they were educated where they got their doctorates the universities and especially the medical schools they did their undergraduate work, and even for OTT and his so called easy naturpath course he would have had to complete a residency.Plus he gets to call himself Doctor how where and why?!

So find the schools universities medical schools go ask them for that info and then come back, but don't you post again to me without that info! I know you wont get nada because they have none of it, they are frauds.

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