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Default Re: The Phoenix Journals

Viking, I did not research this much, so you probably know more about the Journals than I do. Nevertheless, the following is what I know.

I do not know the extent of George Green's involvement in the Phoenix Journals, but looks like he was involved at least in Phoenix Journal #2.

Doris Ekker was "Dharma" in the Phoenix Journal. There are rumors that she had passed away and there are a lot of info on the web that try to defame her.

Anybody can host the Phoenix Journals and there are many websites that do. No doubt some of them have hidden agendas.

Page 74 of Phoenix Journal #1 said that there is a slight chance that the upheaval (and the evacuation) can be avoided. Perhaps this is what have happened?

I know this is unsettling because I wanted to escape from this @#^*, and I had to update my friends whom I have previously emailed the evacuation directions to (because I wanted them to know what to do if it did come to pass).
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