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Default Re: Final destination Iran?

naaa it will crumble from inside first...

Dealing with Iran takes a lot of Sabre Rattling...

Iran: Youths injured and disappeared in clashes with regime's agents

Heavy clashes and hit and runs between youths and regime’s suppressive agents in southern Tehran;

Some youths have been injured and a number of them have disappeared

NCRI - From the start of Gol Banou Street in the Vali Asr region in Tehran, people chanted “death to dictator” and hurled home-made sound grenades at the regime’s suppressive forces, crippling their operations.

In southern Tehran in Nazi Abad and Hezar Dastgah, as well as the Shoush-Khani Abad Street, there are continuing clashes between the youths and the regime’s agents. A number of young people have been injured as a result of being hit by the agents’ batons while some have disappeared.

In Saadat Abad, despite widespread presence of State Security Forces, people celebrated the Fire Festival.

In addition, all over the Tehran Pars region, including First Falakeh, Haft Hoz Square, Samangan Square, Taslihat Square, 150th Street, Kerman Street, and Nezam Street, large numbers of people held Fire Festival celebrations in opposition to the clerical regime.
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