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Default Re: !!!The Unifying Belief Theory!!!

It's simply not the case that most of the population are subscribing to a belief that something extraordinary will happen in 2011. Maybe 2012 would have been closer to the mark? But even then, most of the population are assuming, at least at present, that life will be continuing pretty much as normal, or close to normal.

But OK, let's assume disclosure starts to happen in such a way that the public expects and comes to believe in huge changes that would happen some time in 2011. Why and how would such changes persuade the whole population to "compromise" to a degree that they haven't before? Isn't nearly everything in our society already based on compromise? Isn't that what most of diplomacy, economics, marriages and family and all personal relationships, court cases, and many other things based on? The very notion of "citizenship", though the reality is far short of the theory, is based on a compromise between a citizen's rights and a citizens's obligations.

So as far as I can see, the public's being much more willing to compromise would amount to dictatorship. If so, that's a funny way to describe dictatorship. Dictators don't compromise, by definition.
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