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Default Re: The Phoenix Journals

Why wouldn't I go?
Well..I am sure the spirit world exists, from personal experience. I know that spirits endure, and from this I can easily make the jump to believe in reincarnation. If these are true, as I believe, then I am led to believe that I chose this body in this time. Whilst you could argue I chose this body to choose to go with the alien craft, I dont believe it. I was born on Earth and I have to believe that that is for a reason.

And if I am wrong, I will have another physical body somewhere to resolve the karma. So what to loose by staying? And I dont like the idea of leaving the place I chose to be (earth), and the elements of mother my physical body is composed of.

Thats why I have issues with the previous posts. If we are to believe that our spirit endures, why should these aliens, or anyone, be so concerned with our physical bodies?

I stay ;-) until my physical body gives up the ghost, as it were....

also I have always had the strangest feeling that I will always be ok
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