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Default Re: Coast to Coast AM Conspiracies on ABC NEWS

Awesome! Go George, and go C2C!

I just finished watching it, and I gotta say, I love George's response when the ABC anchor guy started trying to "belittle" him for not asking one of the callers for more proof, or something to that effect. Basically, the anchor was like, "That guy was talking about seeing gnomes and leprechauns, and all you could ask him was 'What did they look like?' Why not ask him what kind of proof he has?"

And George's response was "You are not going to have me, as the host, put him down, or go after him, and crush him, as I could do if I was doing a daytime talk show, for example."

My interpretation: The ABC anchor was almost disconcerted that George has the fantastic opportunity every day to tell people they are stupid for believing in UFOs and leprechauns, and instead he just lets them believe.

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