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Default Re: Personal attacks (conducted on this forum)

I wish I could see the original post so I could check this out, it must have been a real direct attack and pretty heavy to draw this ire.

As a bit of an intuitive, you can make bit to be what you want, I get many introspections, however I specifically try not to use it in anything in regards to me because my own feelings and perceptions are suspect, and might skew things. I use the law of three and ask others who have such abilities because I am too close to the situation.

There are a few holy grails on this board, and I respect that these people have a good heart, are spending their own money, and that they have the best of intent, however I leave much of what they have on the table because there is lots of showmanship, and very little beef, aka, personal experience at least in their process or behind the scenes.

Since day one I have taken great care, involved others around me on video, shown actual clips and my process, and opened up my life to a degree, and that is what I would like to see from many of the individuals who PC make the holy grails.

Now that PC has attracted many intuitives operating on levels that the original PC members might not be aware of, these holy grails might be attacked or outed in certain respects, and the follower here who are not doing the spiritual work to open their heart center to determine these things on their own are influenced greatly by a one sided debate.

It has been stated a number of times as to the psychic abilities of the PC team in determining the most valid people to interview or those who were not worthy, and in one video Bill said "an I thought, he thinks he is important doesn't he", and we know nothing of this person. This was an intuitive feeling by Bill that might not have been fair to that person.

However there is no evidence that any of the team has any higher than average intuitive insight, and it appears they do not wish to listen or take consensus from others who might, because they are on their own clock, and that is their right, they are paying the shot, it is their experience, and we get to tag along.

However in reality if they were intutitive they would have know the subscription model would never get the job done. They would have know the moment of meeting St. Claire he had his own agenda and was actually in service to self. I could go on, but I called a number of shots here, and I knew there were a number of other intuitives who agreed with me, but we were shut out by people who are not in contact with ET's, or higher vibrational energies, a process which took years for me.

And I will make one more prediction. About 8 months ago PC was derailed, and taken off track, this will come to light. They are being manipulated through fear, and the partnership is keeping Bill from progressing forward. I respect Kerry, however the speed of growth is disparate, and Bill will need to leave the team, this is not due to any worth of each individual because I have a real soft spot for Kerry and she has literally already changed the world with a megre inheritance and accomplished more than I ever did in my life of value.

However is evident to me, there are other forces at work here, and they will harvest a certain bounty because through that energy it is getting into a great movement that has now been shut down, and they might see it yet.

There are three individuals who are most likely telling the truth, are to be commended for their service to their country and I empathize with on a personal level for the horrors they suffered, but they have nothing to offer this awakening.

Duncan O'Finegan, David Corso, Dan Burish, Aaron McCollum

There is energies who are attached to these people, and using them, as well as Kerry, and unless they rise above all fearful thought and step ourside all fear, everyone on this board might end up on the ascended earth where these people exist.

However being a free will Universe, that is your right, I plan to go to a planet where these people are not there, well I would like Kerry to be there but I think she might like the vibration of the other planet, jury is still out on that one.
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