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Lightbulb Re: My 4th seal has opened

I forgot to tell that the burst of energy from out my hart probably lasted for about 20 seconds.

I can see my progress to get back to the hart for almost 2 years when my training/guiding started around begining of April 2008 till feb 2010.

The main thing is to get back to the hart, because to enter the fifth world you need that. I also listen to more interviews of duncan ofinioan and he aslo talks about a vibrational chances and a period of time that will be dark.

The reason for this is that by choice, but this will result in a split. You can't force a soul to evolve when it does not want to.

Where getting pulled up and this forces the lies that everyone believed to come forward. Thats when the play starts and more people will be moving if needed!!!

The Hopi call this the purification!!!!
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