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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread, it has quite a lot of good information which resonates well with me and holds an air of truth.

And a special thanks to you Abraxasinas for the time and effort you've devoted to answering questions from everyone who's asked them. Your efforts are appreciated and respected, at least on my part.

I do have a number of questions which you may or may not be in a position to answer, however, I'll place them on the table and leave them to your own free will to shine a little bit of light on if possible.

1. I'm highly of the belief and somewhat eternal knowing, that we are undergoing a spiritual evolution of sorts, a kind of graduation if you will where those who are spiritually ready will proceed to graduate onto the next level of awareness, while there will be those who will continue an existance similar to this one in order to learn that which must be learned, and those who have ascended up the ladder of self will also move onto the next level where applicable. My question is, and id consider it open ended, what are we to experience in regards to our current path as a collective whole? ie ; Will those who have not moved on to that next level be met with a scorching of the earth, and various other cataclysmic events. And if so is the speed of such an event determined by the dominant vibratory resonance of the residents of earth.

2. I'm quite curious to know the extent of your knowledge and what portions you have access to. I myself, am sure of my purpose, but from your perspective, if you would, who am I and what is my purpose here.

3. What is the ratio of people in this planet who are here to help, as opposed to those who are here in order to go through the evolutionary spiritual proccess which those who are here to help have already experienced and as such, "graduated".

If you feel answering these questions may violate the free will of those who have not asked them, im more then happy to accept a response via pm.

Thanks in advance,

With love and respect,

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