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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Jacqui D View Post
Hi Abrax, well it is very late here, but i was determined to read through all the posts i have missed the last few days i have not been on Avalon.
Whilst i find all the numerical side of your writings a little confusing a pattern is beginning to form in my mind and i still struggle with some and feel totally inadequate at times with all these teachings i would like to say it has been an exciting read.
I am glad the posts have turned a little more positive i felt in previous posts that some were becoming and feeling a little overwhelmed with your work a little dark.
I understand that light and darkness was created and both has a part to play in this creation each playing against the other or mirroring in your words another way of describing it.
I also understand if i am correct and please correct me of i am wrong that when the new earth this 4th density which comes with the ascension will be totally thought form.
Free from solid matter then?

No Jacqui, the 3D earth will be the SEED for the 4D earth and the present solidity will be like the kernel of a peach say. The softness of the peach is somewhat like the 4D, in that a fluidity of form will accompany the present 3D rigidity. This analogy is technically inaccurate, as the peach is 3D and not 4D, but the simili is valid.

But we would have the free will to create in a rudimentary form.

I have always believed that we all need to be as innocent children again having none judgemental beliefs and seeing with heart not so much with the mind i know this has been instilled within us being indoctrinated into certain belief systems/religions/education and i guess worse of all our own parents setting a pattern which turned us basically into them.
When i look into the eyes of those innocent ones those tiny babies i see the true love the oneness which so sadly is lost, within a few months of birth.

Yes, whenever you look into the eyes of a newborn baby or puppy or kitten or such you are witnessing the presence of God. It is still there in the pets, if you have treated them honorably. The kids are forced by their environs to become like little egomaniacs, just to survive and this will change.

I have been trying to connect back to past memories some have been given but so much more to understand.
I have also been having vast knowledge relayed to me recently continuously most evenings in a sleep state, very revealing to and i may add emotional things for me which i have always known since a little girl of who what i am.

I am a sceptic, strange thing to say really when i have my own experiences i do believe others i do not doubt and would never say this was not truth or is the truth i seem to have a mechanism within me that seems to click on when i read or take any information in, i am often told to use this mechanism and still i ask myself can i believe.

I had an encounter a year ago with two reptilians, this changed my life i was attacked by one it was a horrific attack and i guess i am still coming to terms with it.
If it wasn't for the mark they left on my right arm i may have questioned if it happened because it was like a nightmare but the mark substantiated this experience to be true.
I have been trying to find answers for this attack and why it happened to me, these were two warlords predator type beings.
I was told by the one that attacked me that "He had been looking for me for a long time" which made me feel he knew me and if he did how?

I don't know why i am telling you this i have wrote about this numerous times on this site and i should think most are sick of hearing about it now, but this was a very true and deep experience for me.
Someone asked me once was you frightened well yes of course i was, but you know one of the two preds was very kind to me and actually helped me and gave me healing. So i look at it differently now because i now know that not all reps are bad, as they are portrayed to be, just as we have good and bad in humans i realise we have good and bad in other races.
I have not entirely forgiven the one that attacked me i still find it hard but i know i must, i just want answers why me!

I have tried to be a good person all my life, i love all of creators creatures, i have spoken to mother earth she has helped me when i needed answers to questions i could not answer for myself.
I do believe i have been a victim of certain things which happen on this Earth, and i feel humans get a raw deal sometimes, being so dumbed down/memory loss and control, and i do feel we are controlled to extent we can not be the soul purpose of our problems there have been outer forces at and also.
Yet i know i have come here for this time to take on a commission as sort as so many today have.

The rep attack you experienced can have many causes Jacqui. I'll try to derive some info...
Ok, this is what I saw.
At a time long ago, you 'stole some eggs' from a reptilian nest.
Now this might have been say 5 million years ago and you were not in human form, but in an early hominid form, say that of a Australopithecine or Homo Ergaster or HomoErectus.
You had children yourself and you foraged for food to feed your young ones.
Now something strange happened, because you saw the reptiles, say a pair of prehistoric crocodiles look for their young.
You felt this strange emotion then, that you had 'taken their children' to feed your own and a sense of guilt in a mother's empathy entered your consciousness and selfawareness.

From this time onward, you felt a strange affinity with the Crocodiles, yet you alse feared them because of your guilt.
Subsequently, over millions of years, you never processed those 'strange emotions' of empathy coupled to guilt and fear and your lifetime incarnations followed you through to this time, where your reptilian brainstem has awakened to finally process your million year old encounter.

A thoughtform for the processing then resulted in your nightmare coupled to a psychophysical marking from the superconscious.
This thoughtform was your empathy of imagining what you would do to the crocodile, should it attempt to 'steal or abduct' your children to feel its young.

The mirror image of this of course became the reptoid pursuing you and exclaiming:
"I have been looking for you!"

Your writing has been in depth and intriguing.
thank Abrax.
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