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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by UncleJohn View Post
Hi Abrax,

I would say that the interface between consciousness and memory is of utmost importance. What you say abrax?

To discuss this with you in a meaningful way, the terms 'consciousness' and 'memory' require definition. I did this before and was grossly misunderstood. To reurgitate philosophical treatisizes and 'schools of thoughts' does not result in progress, because the scientific definition for the terms are so vague and underdeveloped.

The only way for me to reply to you would so be for you to ask specific and not generalised questions as in the above.

But to try in a nontechnical manner; 'Consciousness' is a property of space itself. Without space no consciousness coupled to physicality can exist.
Then 'memory' relates to information storage, this information being obtained by spacetime interaction.
So consciousness relates to space relates to memory.
This memory CAN be modelled on that of an electro capacitor.
This then relates the capacity of space to collect and harbour energy in a storable way.
So this data-energy must become related to the energy pathways permeating the dynamics of space interaction.
So we return to what space is in terms of energy and where this energy does not have to be conserved in the material, say entropic sense; but MUST be more fundamentally linked to the data existing BEFORE space existed.
So the metaphysics enters in a data=energy nonmaterialised.
Then the data=imaginary before materiality and requires definition of a preenergy or a metaphysical superenergy (just labels).
This is your P=NP halting problem.
Whatever subsets you may create, the unity (say the NP) persists and CANNOT be subdivided.
As soon as you partition the VOID=Eternity, the hierarchies and holofractal nestings appear and by the Goedel Paradox of the Incompleteness, you require a STRONGER AXIOM or criteria to 'prove' the axioms.
The strongest axiom so is the NP-Unity as the Universal Set say.

etc. etc.

Where does your consciousness and memory reside Abrax?

Within the 11D-electromagnetically bounded universe, Uncle John. The quant count is a googol of so 147 digits.

Who has hidden access or control over either?

The Universal Logos, because IT alone spans and encompasses the spacetime quanta in summation and completion and expansion.

Thanks Uncle John
Your welcome

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