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Originally Posted by Harper View Post
Alliance = A Clan Lie

Of the 3 groups vying for recognition, only 1 has a barely legitimate claim! One clan doesnt' even exist anymore and they were still allowed to testify? The other clan is run by a fraud that has been trying to fool TWO states into recognizing her clan when she will not provide geneological records upon request to prove that she has indian blood.

This stuff is quite commonplace where I live. It's bad enough that the state I'm in barely recognizes the main group and if these people got their way, the would get ALL of the power to decide who will and who will not be recognized.

That's like leaving the fox in charge of the hen house!

I have gotten several emails of support from people for standing up. I am aware that the main group will attempt to dig up my past to smear me.

I can't say much more but this is how I will make an impact by stopping this injustice and hopefully succeeding in getting the power for my commission to decide such things. We are a commission made up of 2 women and 3 men and most of us are from various clans, some who are not associated with the main group or Alliance.
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