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Default Warning: Extreme Jet Streams & Ocean Currents

I just got this in my e-mail from Earth Changes Media by Mitch Battros:

USGS Sends Warning of Extreme Jet Stream and Ocean Currents

I have received a "warning" from the USGS, Western Coastal and Marine Geology concerning the US West Coast - from northern Mexico to Alaska. A second thrust of storms is heading towards Northern California and traveling north to Oregon, Washington and Alaska. This storm is bringing jet stream winds of over 200 mph.

The cause of this unusually strong surge has been blamed on "El Nino". But what is El Nino? It is nothing more than an old Peruvian seaman's name for 'shifting ocean and jet stream currents'. It is unlikely, but possible the five M-Class flares from last week may have set off a magnetic disturbance affecting the Earth's core. Recent studies show a far more symbiotic relationship between the Sun and the Earth's core than previously known.

Along with high winds comes an ocean storm surge and torrential rain. Enormous amounts of water will hit the US West Coast. This event will exacerbate (intensify) "fluid displacement".

It is the action of fluid displacement (increase or decrease) which can cause tectonic plates to shift. The storm coming up the US West Coast is just the type which could set off one of the largest earthquakes to occur in this area since January 26th 1700 when a 9.1 quake occurred along the Cascadia Subduction Zone setting off a tsunami across the Pacific hitting Japan and causing countless deaths.

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