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Default Re: Steven Greer's statement about UFOs not flying.

Originally Posted by Spiralmind View Post
Think of it this way:

UFO's using gravity fields are moving "downhill" towards a point of gravity generated by their technology. So, technically, whatever direction they are moving is downhill for them, relatively speaking. I am referencing the testimony of Bob Lazar.

Excellent quote.

I guess you could say that UFOs may not fly aerodynamically. However, due to the fact that the use of the gravity fields (in your example) are intended to produce movement through the air or space they are by definition causing the object to "fly".

A projection of some sort may appear to fly but would not technically be flying. (scratches head)

It just seems to me to be a bizarre thing for anyone to say without some explanation which I'm sure wound up on the editor's floor because certainly the interviewer would asked, "What do you mean by that?"
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