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Default Re: A video the army doesn't want us to see

I agree northern boy and kulapops, itís not my place to tell people what to do, but it gets a bit tiresome seeing the redundancy. I just canít shake the feeling that many people use that statement as an excuse not to do a little more. Granted I donít see what others do when/if they get off of their P.Cís but it will be cool to see a few solutions in these threads instead of all the doom and gloom, more ideas to what people are doing to combat the situations we face. We must find more people willing and brave enough to step it up. Iím anxious and growing impatient searching for the adequate amount of proof before I/we take it up another notch.
There are too many accusations from whistleblowers and too much pain being inflicted mentally and physically. I recently discovered that David Icke is an government informant spreading disinfo ( I canít reveal my sources ) but it kind of makes sense if heís on TV shows and no one has attempted to take him out.
As long as I keep seeing people suffer I just canít bring myself to enjoying much of this world. Iím really impress that others can do this

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