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Default Re: Flushing the Liver of the toxic stones within...

the apple juice softens the stones... Malic acid is the bit needed.

I do my apple juice 50/50 with my CLEAN water (see my 70% water thread for that) I also add a cap full of apple cyder vinegar just to be safe...

outline procedure:
1 Litre of apple juice a day for 5 days vegan diet (meat / dairy diffucult for your liver to process)

6th day only light food and nothing after 1pm enema before the evening
take a series of liver salts at a certain timing and strength
then later take a olive oil / pink grapefruit shake then lay down
More salts in the morning a certain time later...

and you have green stones popping...

I did do 3 in close succession and tonight over webcam a friend I met at Zurich has been going HOLLY "MERDE" JOHN YOU LOOK GREAT!!! She didn't use the french word

So maybe I'm looking better for the 5 or 6 hundred stones I now am not carrying...

She asked have I lost any weight.... and I said "I'm a few stones lighter"...

More details of the flush then mail me a few of you have... Ideally I'd recommend the book as I think reading it is worth it as it clarifies a number of things about health just doing the flush won't give you... but I read it cover to cover a few times and it all makes sence to me.

I will continue with the apple juice. My Mum started to start passing stones last week in her stools even before she did the salts or the flush from the apple juice!!!! The 500+ over this weekend on her first flush!!!

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