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Default Re: Flushing the Liver of the toxic stones within...

Originally Posted by Connecting with Sauce View Post
Ok I've mentioned this on a number of threads so I thought I'd post this with the help from my friend in Amsterdam. I'm on my 3rd (now) flush and my friend who runs the website has completed his 5th flush...

To summarise what is in the book... effectively when you body gets toxic it starts to degenerate and age faster... and your immune function is lower.

I suggest you read the book from Andreas' Moritz it is in my mine one of if not the best 7 I spent on health for a book (amazon).

It is painless and only involves diet changes and liver salts...

I am obviously not a doctor but when I see hundreds of stones come out of me as it says in the book I think wow!!!

I've now passed ~350 stones... and tomorrow I expect to pass a load more.

I do recommend the book Liver-Gallbladder-Miracle-Cleanse-All-natural

5 days of apple juice and a vegan diet and some colon cleansing and salts and oliveoil/grapefuit shot and pop pop pop... the stones come out over a few hours...

I do recommmend the book so I will not put the full process here but e-mail me directly if anyone wants the process.

Would people like to see pictures of the stones?

Gotta go the epsom salts are kicking in....
Toxic liver = toxic thoughts
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