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Default Re: Flushing the Liver of the toxic stones within...

One word. Wow !

Or is that three?

Way to go, yes, we'll all need to be super healthy soon

I'd be interested to know more about the liver and colon cleansing. I did a rice fast a few years ago (longest 12 days I ever spent!)

More recently I was so impressed by Raymond Francis' book, 'Never be sick again' that I've changed my diet fairly radically, have lost about a stone since April (bout 8/9 Kg) and feel much healthier. - and that was really a side effect, as it's not a diet book, rather more about nutrition. the China Study by Colin Campell is equally gripping.

So yes, my next port of call was the liver/colon cleanse.

As I'm still getting my head around what I need to do for an enema , maybe we'll tackle the liver first.

Is passing the stones painful?

Peace n Love

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