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Default Re: Kingston, Jamaica. Yeah Mon!


Sorry for bad english, but i don't speak and special write english very good.

I am not a Jamaican, but i was there for 3 months.
(It was a damn hart ride, specially if you don't have enough money an the wrong color.)

The only reason why i write here is, i had a strange dream once witch seems do be not a normal one. I saw me self running around try to find "spiritual people" or rastas, but nobody speak or even notice me. I saw then that the sky become dark and the feelings atmosphere change dramatically to dark. And i saw something like a archetype of a big weapon. The message was like "nobody listen and nobody help, so it is to late".

If i wold by there i wold think on this:

Food an water is the most importuned resource. If possible you should store a lot of food, enough for the whole island wold by the best an need the support of the government (witch is corrupt and don't care). But if you are able to do this for you and your environment, by foot witch is long time storable and includes the most important substances for the body. If possible, bay the food in a big mass like a company wold do it, bay directly from a other company, this is much cheaper.
The bigger problems you face is the gangs and crime in spanish town. The drugdealers and gangs with maybe kill and plunder, but you know this better from experiences with hurricanes in the past whether this is a problem or not.
And on a spiritual level is the Obia a big problem (caribbean african black magic and demon worshiping) i felt a presence of aggression and frustration wen i was there, and i think it was an combination of the past poverty and specially Obia.
A god side is, i am not a special talented person, but this island has a lot of power, it was so strong that i cud feel it. So it is possible to link your consciousness with this. Jamaica is a powerful place.
The nature is very strong to. And you have mountains witch are able to protect you from a zunami or something similar. (other very small and flat islands have more problems.)
Don't luck only for your self, you will find your self in a war for food and survival. The mentality all over the wold is not the best, and jamaica is not mach different, but if people in a difficult situation feel a broader- and sisterhood and help each other it is possible to make a big change. You have mentality problems on jamaica, i can not say how big they are, but this is only fixable, if you create a big unifying power, and better before you have a crisis. A crisis is sometimes like a sickness, it can shake people and shop them wrong behaving, if not somebody come with propaganda of hate and scapegoats. Crisis can stimulate fear and aggression, but is could too stimulate a movement for something good if people are able to use this energy for something constructive.
Music is a strong tool, specially in jamaica there are reasons way cia and politricks killed bob marley, a musician with the power to unify the people. If you can, tray to get a link to his family, and his son witch is a musician or other Musicians. Such people cold have a tremendous effect on a awakening process. Tray to contact DJ's and radiostation's if they are not under total control of the System. If you find people witch are able to pack information's in something cool, it will attract people to realize things they never had think before.
You have on the island descendants from slaves witch free them self and fight against the british empire a long time and succeed, the Maroons. The have don what all people should do, free them self from slavery and life there lives in there one ways. So mach i now they still have independence from the corrupt government. I don't know mach about them, but maybe it make sense to contact them and chat. (i think you will find Granny Nanny's even today) I felt that many jamaicans have the slavery still in there subconsciousness and this is a paralyzing effect for self empowerment (we all have this, we are all slaves for tyranny, i and my family are industry slaves).
You have a lot many little churches there, and often a situation of concurrence between them. Forget this concurrence and unify them if possible.
By smart and don't give people all the information's if they are not able to handle it, give every one only so mach hi/she is able to handle. Researchers often make the mistake, that they over whelm others. This has mostly the effect of a shock and block reaction. Ask the people the important things, instead to tell them the answer. And use logic and analytic arguments to show them cause end effect by wrong and correct behaving. Logic and understanding is stronger then facts.
Use all levels and environments and characters and contact people you maybe never have contact before. Jamaica and the other caribbean islands has a extra, you have people there witch now how to survive in hart time and environment, you have people there knowing things witch people of me country have forget long time ago.

Keep one thing in the mind, money is only an ILLUSION and a believing system. It is possible to replace a destroyed currency whit a self created system. Such a self created money system maybe has no value outside of your community or island, but it can let people organize there one business and life. And it can have a educating effect, because you pay whit your name and honestly. Who have a bad character and is untrustful can not make his one money. And sharing systems witch is completely independent from money may produce friction, but is able to keep things running. And tray to see what you have on the island and is able to make you independent, and what you need form outside witch make you dependent.
(of course this are thinking on large scale, but you can break this analysis dawn to a scale you are able to move. Your island is not so big and not so small, this can by a extra.)

One thing i wold like to say to everybody witch believe we have to go to a hard time. It is better to look on the positive possibilities and keep them in the mind, the future is not determinated and free will is a extreme powerful quality, much more then people now. So even if you are preparing your self for a survival situation, all the time thing, that you want never come in the situation that you have to use it. To be focused only on the darkness, attract and realize the darkness and the reality you expect. So don't create doomsday atmosphere and don't wait on doomsday has to cam, but by prepared and do it with "i want never come in the situation to use it, so i do what i can to stop it before". We should train our thinking too by prepared on problems but not expect is to happen.

God luck
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