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Default Re: Spiritual Telepathic Communication

Here are some ideas to perhaps help you explore on this topic.

1. The 'you' - physical individually focused conscious being that is here in this material plane (dimension) communicates through language (evolutionary, learned & sensory centered).

2. The eternal 'You' - which is non-physical, always present in all directions of timespace is connected to 'you', and therefore in symbiotic link.

3. In this symbiotic link, communication occurs between 'you' and 'You' but it is not logical to your way of thinking in the material plane.
a. First, it is not evolutionary or language/smybolically structured.
b. Second it doesn't go thru the filter of our illusionary perception of time. Ask - respond - ask - respond etc. Without the filter of time, it all happens simultaneous. This is why you cannot recognize it, at first. Some of us have expanded to capture this.
c. Third it is universal across all dimensions, across all entities - therefore no multiple translations are necessary.

4. The eternal 'You' is a part of an infinite collection of a many perspectives which are omni-present in our universe. (BTW-This is where the idea of 'Aliens' comes from but that is another thread).

The concept of "developing telepathy" is the coming to know the details of what I stated above (at a high-level). Every being is already doing this - so to speak.

If you are interested in exploring this further, the area to focus on is training your focus to being able to observe, register your symbiotic link. Then leverage your symbiotic link to extend communication across the spectrum of perspectives.

How to do this? Well, I could probably write a guide book - maybe I will - it's detailed. But bottom line is you have to release and reprogram some of your thinking.
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