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Default Re: E-XOD O US - Month of March of the penguins, and the 3 Bears

Originally Posted by tribe of light View Post

very interesting you mention these things. everything i am about to say is only based upon personal experience and im simply putting it out there to perhaps enrich the conversation....

first.. i wholeheartedly agree with the concept of the Arc. The Arc-Angel or the Arc of the Covenant. The pineal body, when properly aligned with the pituitary gland does in fact produce a literal spark in the brain when the "eye" or attention is singly focused thus producing a body that is most literally filled with light.

however, i spent some time contemplating the nature of the bible as an allegory for the process of enlightenment within the human system today and i cannot seem to connect the Cherubim with the Cerebrum of the human brain. here's why...

I looked at what the book Ezekiel had to say about Cherubim and about Lucifer and then compared it to the book Genesis and St. John's Revelation to get an idea about these Cherubim, the Guardians of the Garden of Eden...

They have four wings, two pointing up toward God and two down covering their bodies. If you imagine a person standing with 4 wings, they basically look like 3 lines crossing at a midpoint. Like an "X" with a "|" down the middle of it (the body). This is a 6 petaled lotus which is the swadhisthana chakra... the sacral plexus.... seat of sexual energy in the human system.

Ezekiel calls Lucifer a cherub. U know that cherubs are normally associated with Eros and Valentines day or with romantic love, but there is a more esoteric meaning i feel.... Cherubim guard the east of eden where the entrance to paradise is... Lucifer is a cherub... The serpent tempts the feminine-feeling nature within us to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge and then the masculine-intellect partakes as well... the tree of knowledge of good and evil is the nature of duality (good/evil)... the fruit of the tree is orgasm or sex energy released... hence childbirth is painful and adam and eve are kicked out of eden and wander wearing the hides of animals....

i think Lucifer, a cherub stands at the gate of eden in the east (the sun rises in the east, i.e. an allegory for illumination) meaning that Lucifer (lux and fire or the astral light) continually tempts us standing at the gate offering us the fruits of sex energy, orgasm... if we eat, we cannot enter eden... eden is the base of the spine.

in terms of yoga and monitoring the reflection of the chakra centers along the spine within my own brain, i came up with this...

if energy is fallen, it sinks out of the eden in the center of the head and flows downward thus stimulating external sexual energy and creating an etheric blockage at the base of the brain. if the energy is risen, consciousness remains focused in the center of the head and the sex energy rises upwards with no external expression in thought or action. this in essence removes the "block" that keeps the serpentine energy at the base of the spine from rising into the head and putting an end to duality. The block is dual in nature. It lies at the sacral plexus and its higher reflection is at the base of the brain or associated with the throat chakra which makes sense to me...

cherubim = 6 petaled lotus and the flaming sword that turns all ways at the gate in the east is a symbol for intellect if you look at the higher correspondence of the trinity within the 3 higher chakras... crown = father/will, brow chakra = consciousness/son, and throat chakra = intelligence/mother. Also i think swords have a certain significance in the Tarot as being associated with air element/intellect... all having to do with viewing duality (male/female) and discrimination, i.e. the dualistic use of the intellect (a sword or the throat chakra/base of brain).

also, the four faces of the cherubim are the four fixed signs of the zodiac which comprise the cross upon which the christ is crucified such that the analogy of the cherubim can be taken out of the old testament and translated directly into the life and initiatory experiences of jesus, if one feels so inclined to view the process of human evolution as such.

anyway... a bit long-winded, but just a thought on what i feel the cherubim to represent in the human body... though associated with the cerebrum, i think they more specifically represent certain "locks" that keeps us from full-blow illumination.

I appreciate the dialogue for sure.You know the saying of there being two sides to the coin,which is a coined phrase.

Well the bible consist of mind body and spirit.The old testament is the work below the waist ,and the new testament is the work above the waist.This story is repeated in code throughout the biblical text and has many layers.

This is the cheribium i was speaking of.The one thats is part of the labrynth of the human brain.
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