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Default Re: E-XOD O US - Month of March of the penguins, and the 3 Bears

Originally Posted by islandman View Post
Great stuff there 777, thanks for the information.
I am going to use the month of March to strengthen my overall energy.
I cant help wondering where you get all this information from.
I used to think that only my little world had meaning, and all else was meaningless.When i started noticeing that every thing happens in patterns, my intuition increased rapidly, and i quit placeing judgement on anything.Now these things just come to me in a flash ,out of no where.

I give all praises to our creator,because the patterns are there for us to learn something, until we evolve beyond duality,for aaaaalllllllll things are connected.

I feel the month of March is takeing us to emerald city by the spring equinox.I have no desire to see the wizard,because we all have a brain,heart and courage to go down this yellow brick road. We just have to make sure that when we go green that Kryptonite or Enkryption and anger, want keep us from becomming SUPEMEN.

The first thing the new conciousness does, is diplay polarity,that still must remain balanced, and eventually we BUD ,and become WEISER.

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