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Default Re: E-XOD O US - Month of March of the penguins, and the 3 Bears

Originally Posted by islandman View Post

As always your posts are as intriguing as they are cryptic.
I just finished watching the shaw shank again on television
and went to the computer and opened up your post.
Salvation lies within my friend.
Any idea why St Patricks day is in march?
Peace eyeland man ,(pineal sorounded by water)thanks for your response,Yes St patrick is the king of the serpents or kundalini.There are no snakes in Eye R land. St patrick is a myth of the serpent energy.We wear green because it is symbolic of resurection and controlling the emotions.The incredible hulk is the archetype of a resurected Osiris in reverse. Everbody is being told to go green. 666
We are haveing these synchronistic moments and closeing the illusional gap in conciousness.

Emerald City

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