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Default Re: E-XOD O US - Month of March of the penguins, and the 3 Bears

Originally Posted by tribe of light View Post
hello 777...

"Mars is the Root Chakra or south pole(7-UP)"

I agree, as Aries is also ruled by Mars from the point of view of the personality, yet i feel that the energy of Mars does not adequately describe the root chakra's vibration when talking about more advanced humanity. In this case I think Mercury is a fair contender for not only the awakened kundalini but also for the Sign of Aries as well...

That in its lower aspect of the fanatical warrior, Mars is great, yet in the higher aspect of the Fiery Intuition, Mercury is better suited.... maybe even Uranus in a veiled sense.

Also, a question. I understand how Ursa Minor is the child of Ursa Major, but I dont understand the "3 bears" analogy when I only see two bears? However, I have tended to look at the 7 stars of the Big Dipper as being married to the 7 sisters of the Pleiades and their offspring being the 7 stars of the Little Dipper such that we have reflected in the heavens the idea of the 7 spirits manifest in a trinity for a total of 21 universal forces.
Yes you are correct about the 7 sisters ,also rememeber the 3rd bear is the imposter.See the feet like a bear on Prince Charles coat of arms.I try to leave some things open so a soul can seek out the patterns,not my desire to conceal ,for its sort of hidden in plain view.

I try to convey in all my post , the idea of as above so below meaning,that the inner work is being mimiced on the world stage. Moses takes the inner kingdom by force and the first city to go is Jericho,(Geico) which is hebrew for doubt. 7 times around the city, 7 days.,7 trumpet blast.777.So easy even a cave man can do it

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